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3Point Capital Pty Ltd is an Australian based finance brokerage and mortgage advisory firm specialising in complex residential and commercial property transactions and short-term lending. We offer mortgage brokering solutions that help you source funding for a wide range of purposes at the right interest rates.

At 3Point Capital, we care about helping you afford the life you want to live. We started with one goal, to help everyday people improve their financial situation, we continue to help Australians with their financial needs by delivering a range of financial choices partnered with trusted expert advice.

We understand that better choices lead to a better life and this is why we help people make informed decisions with their money so they can spend time doing things that make them happy, with the people who are most important to them.

Find the most competitive financial solutions in Australia.


3Point Capital provides a broad range of services and financial solutions to help individuals and organisations, both large and small, achieve their vision through strategic monetary planning. Our team of trusted advisors and consultants have the knowledge and capabilities to organise any type of funding.


Residental Loan

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an avid investor, 3Point Capital takes the time to consider your current and projected financial circumstances, and presents you with the most viable financial solutions for your home loan.


Commercial Loan

At 3Point Capital, we understand that commercial mortgage loans are sometimes complex. We sit down with you to understand what your commercial goals are and to help you decide on the most ideal type of commercial lending facility you require.


Construction Loan

Building a home or undertaking a major structural renovation project can be a challenge even at the best of times. At 3Point Capital, we offer construction loans to help navigate cash flow challenges and take the stress out of building.

3Point Capital Consulting


Reach your financial goals with 3Point Capital. We combine our insights and finance options to underpin your loan and financing requirement. This allows us to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their finances.


Commercial Asset Finance

When looking to finance your assets, our expert consultants help you consider all your options. The Commercial Asset Finance services that 3Point Capital provides include: Vehicle Financing, Equipment Financing, IT & Tech Financing.



Often the two main reasons for refinancing is either to get away from your current rates and payments or to get some money out of your home. It can be a great opportunity to get urgent funding or to roll any debts you have. Let us help you get the best refinance solutions.


Short Term Lending

We provide clients with short-term loans for a myriad of purposes. Our lenders are banks, financial institutions and other third party organisations capable of providing you with fast, efficient and flexible lending.


Debtor & Cash Flow Funding

Being in business can be challenging. If you need fast and flexible access to funding without sitting around waiting to be paid, we’re here to help. Unlike dealing with banks, we tailor our business finance to your specific needs.


Private Lending

Private Lending may be a viable solution. You can borrow money from a non traditional lender such as a wealthy private individual or company that has excess cash from their main area of business who is seeking to earn a higher return on their excess funds.

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